The ibdnext

The iBdNext Technoprise, now known as the Global ibdnext Technoprise (GiT) is a platform that invites local  community to engages for enhancing social benefits through main streaming information and communication technology into development initiatives.


Enhancing social benefits through main streaming the digital technology into social technopreneurship development initiatives.


To contribute to the improvement of living conditions, the implementation of local sustainable development in a globalizing world, guarantee equal opportunities for all to make right use of the ICT4D.


Everyone is an international citizen. International issues cannot be ignored by anyone.

We think every single person on earth is an international citizen. We can hardly get out of bed without participating in world markets. Every time we use a car, bus, plane or anything made of plastic, we’re using oil. Every time we use a credit card, we’re dipping into the world’s lending market. The prices of the things we buy and sell are determined by competition from around the globe.

The increasing interactions and connection among the world’s people cannot help but make those inequities evident. The poor and the rich alike must interpret the contrast, and efforts must be made to reduce the gap if peaceful coexistence is to be possible.

Perhaps the largest challenge is for families to develop a vision of the type of world in which they want to live. Individuals who are interested in and committed to families need to recognize that globalization is a trend relevant to family life. Families can simply accept the proclamations and interpretations of the dominant media and politicians; they can ignore the issue and thereby let the dominant forces determine the global agenda unchallenged; or they can explore their values, culture, and dreams and choose to live a life conscious of the global environment.

iBdNext is doing a social business, that by virtue of it’s profit making practices, also changes young peoples lives, sometimes managing to turnaround even the most challenging circumstances to give young people from difficult or challenging backgrounds the same chances in life as everyone else.

iBdNext provides resource to facilitate youth engagement, and free accredited training to young people, helping young people to enter the economy and education, stimulating enterprise and reducing anti social behavior amongst young people.

As well as providing resources and a unique environment to you young people, iBdNext also redirects 25% of it’s profits to into grants to help disadvantaged young people access employment.

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